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Planning a Garden Art Studio?

It honestly feels as if I have been waiting most of life for a dedicated art studio. There have been some wonderful spaces along the way and in different countries. But now I am about to build...well have built for me, a log cabin in my garden that will go a long way to fulfilling my dream.

But how on earth do you decide on which one which one? More than just a few questions to ponder. Size of course. But just what can you have in your garden without going down a rabbit hole of planning applications? Location in the garden and the north facing, which is best for an art studio actually achievable? Style reflect the age of the house ...or maybe not? How much natural daylight can be achieved without compromising wall space and practical layout inside? How do you heat it ...or cool it? Get electricity to it? Not to mention the artist's biggest dilemma...just what colour do you paint it! Meanwhile here is the landscape plan I drew up for the garden. Because it's all part of the bigger picture I'm painting in my head. One that will slowly become a reality. I'll keep you posted!

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