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Did you know you can draw with a sewing machine and embroider on paper?

A desire to combine two passions - art and embroidery led to experimenting in pushing boundaries and exploring creative possibilities. Using paper to paint, print, cut, glue and embroider creates artworks that are a celebration of colour, pattern and texture. 


A personal collection of antique and vintage needlework provides the opportunity to showcase the skills of previous generations of women. Utilising todays technology enables the cutting and pasting of sections of needlework and textiles and the layering of these elements with complimentary embroidered papers. This enables the preservation of the originals, weaving threads from the past into the present. 

In addition to the above there are the development of unique surface pattern collections based on original artworks. These are available to purchase and licence. If you would like to view the full portfolio or simply discuss any ideas and opportunities please do get in touch.

You can contact me here.


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